Peaceful Valley is a neighborhood of Spokane, Washington, in the United States. It is, in reality, on the Spokane River, beneath its falls, right below Downtown Spokane. The Spokane River Gorge neighborhood wraps itself around the Spokane River Gorge’s valley floor’s small floodplain. Despite being the city’s smallest neighborhood in terms of both space and population, it is well-known for its central location and distinct character. The neighborhood is known for its working-class and bohemian vibes.

For thousands of years, the Spokane people have lived in the area that is today known as Peaceful Valley. To take advantage of the rich salmon runs in the surrounding area, fishing camps were built along the river’s banks. One camp was established on the eastern edge of the existing neighborhood, directly beneath the Spokane Falls, and another on the western end, where Latah Creek meets the Spokane River, where the modern community is located.

Because of the abundance of fish, the site became a favorite gathering spot for tribes from all across the region. Even after the city of Spokane was built by European Americans, tribes continued to fish in the area throughout the summer. The salmon flows were effectively ended when the Long Lake Dam was completed downstream of the river in 1915.

During the early days of European colonization in Spokane, Peaceful Valley was known as Poverty Flats. In the 1880s, squatters’ and transients’ shacks sprung up in the area, which were eventually cleaned away by landowners in 1891. In addition, the Pietsch House, near the corner of Ash and Main, was built in 1891, making it Peaceful Valley’s oldest single-family residence.

Squatters were evicted from the neighborhood two years after it was platted by C. F. Clough, a real estate developer who began selling land in the region. To aid him in his aim, Clough changed the name of the place from Poverty Flats to Peaceful Valley. After being halted by the Panic of 1893, work in Peaceful Valley did not resume until the turn of the twentieth century. The Pietsch House, built in 1891, is the oldest single-family dwelling still standing in Peaceful Valley.

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