The Spokane Valley Heritage Museum is housed in this building in Spokane, Washington. The museum, which is housed in the historic Opportunity Township Hall in Spokane County, Washington, and was designated to the National Register of Historic Places on March 15, 2005, is a must-see for history aficionados. The museum first opened its doors on August 18, 2005, and the mayor of Spokane Valley presented it with the key to the city in 2013.

We are dedicated to preserving and disseminating historical information about the Spokane Valley and its surrounding areas at all times. The museum preserves history by sharing stories about agricultural heritage, aviation history, military life, and a variety of other topics. They offer entertaining and educational displays that introduce visitors to the people, places, and events that shaped the Valley and its surroundings into what they are today.

The Valley’s history is shaped by the tenacity, courage, and determination of the settlers who came to the Valley in search of the American dream. The museum features changing displays that teach visitors about our local history, as well as state and national history, space exploration, and other themes.

It also has a huge collection of images and maps, as well as a variety of original source documents, such as newspapers and school yearbooks, in addition to its exhibition area. Visitors to the museum can see all of the documents on display.

The museum has accumulated approximately 6,650 archive records in their searchable database, as well as a searchable collection of pictures, in order to help the community by saving and maintaining access to history and continuing the preservation of our city’s past.

The museum’s collection houses a historical picture collection of approximately 11,000 pieces, including artifacts, photographs, maps, and other documents dating back over 150 years. New artifacts are added to the museum’s catalog on a regular basis.

The museum receives approximately 4,000 visitors per year from each of the 50 states, with some tourists coming from other countries to see the display. The museum hosts visiting exhibits on a regular basis and has previously hosted three Smithsonian Traveling Exhibits (2005, 2015, 2018).

During the spring months, school-aged children come to the museum with their classmates to learn about their local history and culture for the first time, and the museum offers a vast array of educational resources and programs for school children, youth groups, and adults groups.

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